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Customer satisfaction FIDEIP value
Customer satisfaction

To guarantee customer satisfaction

FIDEIP is gathering all the collaborators abilities and know-hows to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers. The compliance of its commitments is a fundamental value for the group. The quality of the products and services, and the individual relationship with the customers, are constantly monitored to ensure continuous improvement of the offers proposed.

Continuous improvement FIDEIP value
Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Invention, development and improvement are the main words of the dynamic in which FIDEIP is involved. Providing personalized solutions and encouraging the team creativity are strong commitments. Innovation is making part of our services, our means of production, our commercialized products but also on the management of our organizations. The continuous improvement has become a state of mind in every company of the group where all the players are actively collaborating in order to achieve the level of efficiency required by customers.

Professional fulfilment FIDEIP value

Professional fulfilment

The FIDEIP policy is to ensure a conducive work environment for the professional development of its employees to reconcile performance and well-being. The FIDEIP internal human resources policy focuses on four axes:

  • Teams diversity,
  • Support in the vocational training,
  • Employee engagement and skills development,
  • Empowering people.
Teams accountability FIDEIP value

Teams accountability

The team empowerment principle is part of a process promoting collaboration, dialogue and employee involvement. Each employee is a major player in the company life through its active participation in the collective effort in an environment promoting initiative and decision-making.