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“Be a long-term growth entity”
“Accelerate development and coordinate actions”
“Promote women and men fulfilment to better serve our customers”

What is the group strategy?


The main goal of the FIDEIP group is to be an expanding entity in a controlled and continuous way, with high technical abilities and human resources always more qualified to position itself as one of the main actors on industrial markets.

This goal must be ensured by the team accountability practices to better understand customers’ expectations and continually optimize services and products.

What are the group missions?

The group has for missions to help its companies in a continuous improvement procedure in order to guarantee a qualitative level of service for the customers. The group supports the efficient mobilization of its collaborators and reinforces the bounds between companies. It is federating and coordinating the actions that must be established.

What is the group vision?

Placing women and men at the center of the company enables to design products and services, adapted to the expectations and specificities of each customer, that represents the best guarantee for a sustainable development of the companies within the group.

The FIDEIP group encourages the fulfilment of women and men inside its organizations through team diversity, collaborators encouragement and talents development.
Our teams are the main players of the group growing and are actively participating to the success of our entities.